Pihole Tips

Pihole Tips and Tricks

Pihole is a fantastic piece of software that is a result of hard work by the devs who have provided us with an easy to deploy tool for fighting tracking and annoying advertisements!

The software can be run natively on linux systems and can be run in docker containers on virtually all the major computing platforms.

Visit https://pi-hole.net to find out more on how you can get started.

Pihole allows you to axe the telemetry of your computing devices (PCs and Macs alike 😎 ) in addition to your IOT devices like Samsung TV and even your your refridgerator​ 😅.​

Pihole works by blocking the DNS queries when a device tries to “phone home” based on user defined blocklists. There is a big community of blocklist maintainers so you don’t have to worry about what domains to block.

  1. Running own recursive DNS recolver (unbound) on Pi

  2. Set up DOH (cloudflared with any provider) on Pi

  3. Miscellaneous pihole commands

  4. Misc. raspberry pi commands (debian)