About this resource

I spend quite a fair bit of my time in the CLI and over the years I jotted down a bunch of snippets and commands to do specific things. I realized it is a good idea to collect them in one publicly accessible place so I can help others.

Purpose of this resource?

Help the readers quickly get to the information they’re looking for without having to read super-long ad-infested articles and blogs. But there is also an ulterior motive, and that is for me to quickly reference what I’m looking for when my notes app is not in my proximity 😄

How to navigate?

The tips are divided into different sections for instance, *nix command (applicable to MacOS and Linux alike), and then more specific sections like R-language specific, Mac specific tips, etc. You can browse them in the sidebar to the left (desktop), or click the hamburger menu ☰ on top if you’re on mobile.

However, here are some quick links to get you started: